Who taught you to diss like that?… “Yeezy taught me…”

Kanye West Performing at the Governors Ball Music Festival in NY

G.O.O.D. Music protégé CyHi the Prynce may deny firing shots at Kanye with ‘Elephant in The Room’ but we can’t help wishing there was a Yeezy response. Here’s our choice of the funniest and most ridiculous lyrical put-downs from “The only rapper compared to Michael

“I’m living in the future so the present is my past
my presence is a present kiss my ass”

“The crib Scarface could it be more Tony?
You love me for me? Could you be more phony?”
Devil in a new dress

“And deception is the only felony
So never f*ck nobody wit’out tellin’ me”
No Church In The Wild

“Heard she f*cked the doorman
Well that’s cool I f*cked the waitress
Heard Yeezy was racist, well, I guess that’s on one basis
I only like green faces”
Who gon stop me?

“Most rappers taste level ain’t at my waist level
Turn up the bass ‘til it’s up in your face level
Don’t do no press but I get the most press, kid
Plus your my b*tch, make your b*tch look like Precious”

“I’m aware I’m a wolf, soon as the moon hit
I’m aware I’m a king, back out the tomb b*tch”
Black Skinhead

“Then her auntie came over, skinny b*tch with no shoulders
Tellin’ you that I’m bogus, b*tch you don’t even know us”
Hold My Liquor

“Big brother saw me at the bottom of the totem
Now I’m on the top and everybody on the scrotum”
Big Brother

“That know we get O’s like Cheerios
That know because they seen us in the videos
That know the day that you play me
Would be the same day MTV play videos”
So appalled

“They be asking us questions, harass and arrest us
Saying ‘we eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast’
Huh? Y’all eat pieces of shit? What’s the basis?”
Jesus Walks

“You see there’s leaders, and there’s followers, but I’d rather be a dick than a swallower” New Slaves

“Cause the same people that tried to black ball me
Forgot about two things, my black balls”

“She’s so precious with the peer pressure
Couldn’t afford a car so she named her daughter Alexis”
All Falls Down

“I don’t need your p*ssy, b*tch, I’m on my own d*ck
I ain’t gotta power trip, who you going home with?”

“We make ‘em say ho cause the game is so pimpish
Choke a South Park writer with a fishstick”

“Fresh air, rollin’ down the window
Too many Urkels on your team, that’s why your wins low”
Dark Fantasy

“My outfit so disrespectful
You can go ‘head and sneeze cause my presence blessed you” Live Fast, Die Young


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