Best New Mixtape: Kelela – Cut 4 Me

Kelela has dropped her debut mixtape and it is an absolute treasure. The DC born singer teams up with various producers from dance label Fade To Mind to create a string of tracks that are soulful, futuristic and brilliantly coherent. I’ve given it numerous spins and find myself pressing repeat for the same reasons as I did with Yeezus; it’s refreshingly unpredictable and forward thinking. The aesthetic is undoubtedly R&B flavoured but it offers the same cold sci-fi pleasures as a more mellow Visons by Grimes.  With its maleable beats and wonky freshness it also reminds me of another great mixtape; Kilo Kish’s – K+. Although full of standout moments it’s one to appreciate fully as the sum of it’s decadently produced parts.  Download for free, dim the lights and listen through headphones. I might watch Blade Runner on mute next time. Cosmic.

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