Hyped For… 5 Must see acts this weekend

This weekend the Greed Door is hosting a showcase of up and coming talent. There are 22 bands/artists over two days at the TWOTHREEFOUR festival, here are my 5 must sees…

Kill Moon

Noise pop band that’s 1 part Best Coast at their most harmonious and 2 parts Frankie Rose at her most cosmic.


Tyrannosaurus Dead

Rushy guitars, soaring vocals and punk tenacity. T Dead conjure the sound of sepia toned nostalgic bliss.


Foreign Skin

Electro chillwave at it’s most dreamy and atmospheric. A Druggy Hip Hop aesthetic runs through some of the songs reminiscent of Clams Casino at his most trippy.



Using natural sounds combined with hypnotic electronic beats to create a truly intoxicating vibe.


The Hundredth Anniversary

Ambient soundscapes that build and build until they drop into devastatingly thunderous finales.


TWOTHREEFOUR is this Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th at the Green Door Store in Brighton. It’s free so don’t miss it…

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