Album Of The Week: Hooded Fang – Gravez

I’ve always been a bit of a fan of indie pop that springs out of Canada. There was a time in the noughties where every other great indie guitar band seemed to have come from there. The Stills, Secret Machines, Tokyo Police club all helped guide me through college and university with youthful exuberance. And come to think of it… going further back I was always quite fond of 90’s cop show Due South. A Canadian mountie solving crimes in the city with his part dog/part wolf called ‘Diefenbaker’ (they don’t make them like that anymore) Perhaps that’s why Toronto’s Hooded Fang seem so appealing.  Title track Gravez from their upcoming album of the same name is pure sunshine surf pop with vocal interplay in the chorus to relish.  Fans of  The Babies or Harlem will find a lot to love throughout the record. Elsewhere they harness the same driving psychadellic Doors-esque experimentation of Crystal Stilts at their most jangly, like on “Ode To Subterrania”.  It’s a treat. Their new album Gravez is streaming online  prior to it’s release on May 27th, listen here.

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