Hyped For…. New MGMT in 2013

MGMT have always been a hard band to pin down. They were initially predicted to be the new FM radio juggernauts (circa R.E.M) when they unleashed ‘Time To Pretend’ 6 years ago. Debut album Oracular Spectacular soon followed and they were ripe for mainstream chart domination. However the release of their sophomore effort Congratulations in 2010 proved they weren’t going to be pigeon holed or allow themselves to sit comfortably in parent’s collections of Coldplay or U2 albums. Congratulations was less gigantic chart friendly electro and more psychadellic, stripped down and ‘bandy’. Being a live band didn’t seem to sit that comfortably with their earlier material but it seemed to suit them well with the new songs. I was a fan of Oracular Spectacular for it’s perfect pop hits but Congratulations, despite polarizing the critics, was just weird and endlessly more interesting.

If they had gotten strange in people’s eyes then the new material looks to be taking things even further. Released as a Cassette for Record Store Day you can hear the band’s new track ‘Alien Days’ below. More than ever they’re projecting the cosmic warble of odder Flaming Lips records and producer Dave Fridmann (who has worked with both bands) has definitely left his authorial stamp. The album is tipped for a possible June release and I recon it might just be the soundtrack to the Summer.

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