Ryan Adams in new band

 Still one of the most unpredictable figures in music, Ryan Adams has co-formed a Punk band called Pornography. Fans of his solo record Rock N Roll will be familiar with Pornography band member Johnny T. Yerington who contributed to the album. Leah Hennessey also features in the three piece and the group are releasing their debut 7″ for Record Store Day (April 20th). It’s not the first time he’s ventured out of the Alt-Country box with his stint in Punk band The Finger and his Metal project Orion. Solo efforts Rock N Roll as I mentioned above and Love Is Hell also helped morph the image critics once painted of him as this generation’s Bob Dylan or Neil Young. You certainly can’t pigeonhole him. Check out the new track “Last Nite at the Opera” below. At 53 seconds it’s a real tease. Thanks for keeping us guessing Ryan.

The full tracklisting for Record Store Day release ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’ is:
01. Last Nite at the Opera
02. Bald Spot
03. Police Scanner
04. Violent Conversion
05. Fake Snake, Real Pony
06. Cats & Dogs
07. Punch Him

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