Album Of The Week: The Virgins – Strike Gently

You might have seen I posted a track by The Virgins a few weeks ago – in fact I think it was the first thing I put up on here. The release of Strike Gently (Cult Records) crept up on me but I’m glad it didn’t pass me by all together (like their self titled debut did in 2008) The record is a real treat in the way that it sounds classic in an 80’s sense without coming across cheesy. It’s no wonder the New York natives were snapped up and signed by Julian Casablancas of The Strokes as the intricacies in the back and forth guitar play and elastically snappy bass are a real treat.  Frontman Donald Cumming  has the perfect assured croon of great NYC vocalists before him and the whole thing comes off like Dire Straits blended with Television and The Modern Lovers (trust me it works!). It’s so packed full of nostalgic charm it could make this 27 year old go scratching back at the doors of his old Indie haunts just to see it played out on the dance floor. Their first single from the album is “Flashbacks, Memories and Dreams” which I posted here before.  So instead of posting that I’ll wind the clock back, here’s the video for their hit “Rich Girls” from 2008…

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