Album Of The Week: Kavinsky – OutRun

If you were a fan of Drive you’ll remember the cryptically robotic neon-croon that was Nightcall featuring CSS’ LoveFoxxx. Nightcall’s popularity traveled so far that it was sampled by Childish Gambino on his Royalty mashup with Bun B: R.I.P. This is a theme that reoccurs here as rapper Havok appears on track ‘Suburbia’ to satisfyingly slick effect. Luckily there’s plenty more to get absorbed into here.. Obvious comparisons would be with his French contemporaries Daft Punk and Justice and although his formula is fairly singular he manages to create such a cohesive feel to the record you can forgive him. Like your favorite 80’s movie or Mega Drive game it feels retro and comforting but there is also something very 2013 about it. It has a slightly broader pallet than Gatekeeper’s – Giza, but the same tendency for dark video-game aesthetics. It’s a window to a world that’s just a little bit cooler. It’s aurally sinister and gorgeous in the same way as Dario Argento’s Suspiria or Tenebrae is visually. Surely set to be the background to many after parties at 3am. This is music to cruise at night too even if you’ve got nowhere to go.

Watch the video for ProtoVision here

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